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Gotemba Outlet Mall has Some of the best Shopping around!

If you would like some clothes and Japanese sizes suit you, or you want something else from Japan, be sure to visit Gotemba’s famous Outlet Mall.

Photo courtesy if Wikipedia

– Over 200 stores

– A good place to buy larger sized shoes in Japan

Access by Car:

From Nagoya, Tokyo, Odawara or Minamiashigarashi take the Tōmei Expressway.

From Hakone:

Drive National route 138

Access by Train:

Take the Gotemba Line train from Matsuda. Get off at Gotemba Station then take the free shuttle bus to Gotemba Outlet Mall.

Eric Surf 6 makes videos on Japanese food and things to see and do in Japan.  He is well worth watching!

Gotemba Outlet Mall

Hakone Tozan Bus Routes

Melinda Joe is well worth reading!

Tokyo Drinking Glass Blogspot

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