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Only Yu Hot Spring


Only Yu Hot Spring or “onsen” in Japanese is one of the best hot springs around and lucky for you, it is right in Minamiashigara City. You can catch their free shuttle [...]

Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan

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Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan is a Victorian style house that was shipped to Yokohama from Cloverdale, British Columbia in 1998.  Then the house was brought by truck [...]

Harukimichi Walk


Harukimichi (or Haruki street) is the path along the Kari River. From Kevin’s Guesthouse you can access it at the nearest bridge. -the road that goes along the river. Walk [...]

Miyagase Lake

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Miyagase Lake is a stunningly beautiful area and suitable for day trips by car from Minamiashigarashi (from Kevin’s Guesthouse or Merry Lue’s Guesthouse). To get [...]

Odawara Forest Adventure Park


This aerial course, is built through a pristine forest and is comprised of ladders, bridges, swings, nets, and giant zip lines. You are equipped with a harness and attached [...]

Azumayama Park in Ninomiya


Azumayama in Ninomiya-Machi is a great place to have a picnic and, or enjoy the cherry blossoms! To Get There: Take the Tokaido Line train from Odawara Station to Ninomiya, [...]

Mount Kintoki


Mount Kintoki or “Kintokisan” as the locals call it, boasts great views of Mount Fuji. Mount Kintoki was formerly called Mount Ashigara, but no one calls it this [...]

Miho Dam is Worth Visiting

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Miho Dam is near Minamiashigarashi and you can reach it by car. It is a very nice drive. You will drive through the countryside of Ashigara Pass, through Jizodo and Yamakita [...]

Yuhi Falls in Minamiashigarashi

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Yuhi means sunset, and Yuhinotaki is Japanese for sunset falls. Yuhi falls is best viewed at sunset. However, I feel that any time of day it is beautiful. Yuhi Falls is [...]



Forest Adventure Hakone is a great place to enjoy the forest. One of my students works there. Do you enjoy Zip Lines?! There are different courses you can take depending on [...]