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How to be a Good Guest on Airbnb?


Why do some guests get bad reviews from hosts and others get great reviews? Why are some guests banned? What do hosts expect from guests? Airbnb is a great service and it is [...]

Airbnb: How to be a Successful Host


Airbnb: How to be a Successful HostWhat have I learned from 6 years of hosting on Airbnb? Faqs Airbnb – Why did I decide to host? You can still earn money on Airbnb. In [...]

Being Successful with Airbnb


My name is Kevin Burns and my wife and I own two guest houses near Hakone, Japan. It is a beautiful area! We only host on Airbnb or directly through ourselves. Hosting on [...]

Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan

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Kevin`s Guesthouse near Hakone, Japan is a Victorian style house that was shipped to Yokohama from Cloverdale, British Columbia in 1998.  Then the house was brought by truck [...]

Merry Lue’s Guesthouse


We have been refurbishing Merry Lue ‘s Guesthouse. Both suites look very good now. I think guests will enjoy staying there even more! Here are some photos! Cooking Show [...]