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Light Shows near Hakone

If you like flowers and trees, and lights, read on!

The Matsuda Herb Garden has a light show every year from around Christmas time until March 11 th, the day of the infamous Tohoku earthquake.

It’s a fantastic light show. The garden itself is very beautiful, and at night it leads to a certain mystique.

How to get there?

From Minamiashigarashi:

Bus from Daiyuzan Station you can catch the bus to ShinMatsuda Station. From there it is a 20-30 minute walk up to the herb garden situated on the mountain overlooking Matsuda.

From Odawara:

Take the Odakyu Line train to Shin Matsuda Station. Then follow the directions above.

Odawara Castle

Has a fantastic light show every year until April 4 th. There are many cherry trees and the blossoms are lovely! When exiting Odawara Station exit via the main exit ( the non-Shinkansen side), head to the right past the koban (police box) and keep going. You will go up a hill towards Odawara Castle.

If you get lost, just ask anyone where Odawara Castle is.

Fantastic! You can imagine the samurai walking towards you at night. And if you are lucky, you just might see one!

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