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Odawara Restaurants

Check out our reviews of Odawara restaurants and let us know which restaurants you think were very good or very bad.  Send us your restaurant reviews!  Mail your restaurant review to: kevinsenglishschools at, or tell me at Airbnb if you booked one of our guest houses near Hakone.

Japanese Restaurants 

There are some very good Japanese restaurants in Odawara, our area seems to attract good Chefs.

Asian Restaurants in Odawara

Want Asian food tonight? For Chinese, Indian and other Asian restaurants see our reviews.

Casual Odawara Restaurants 

The Beer Garden in Matsuda & Other Restaurants in or near Odawara 

I’ve found what is probably the only roof-top beer garden in this area. (There are actually roof top beer gardens that serve food in downtown Odawara-editor). It is in Oi-machi just as you cross the Ashigara bridge from Kaisei. You’ll see a Saizeria restauarant on the left and a Family Mart on the right. The beer garden is on the roof of the building behind the Family Mart.There are about 20 tables and they all afford nice views of Mt. Fuji et al. In fact, it was clear enough that I could,   Read More

Hawaiian Restaurants in Odawara 

Aloha! Odawara no Kai oi! Odawara is the best! ( in Hawaiian).  Like some great Hawaiian food? Then make your way to route 134,

Read More
Italian Restaurants in Odawara 

Japanese love Italian food, and many of the chefs here, if they aren’t Italian, many trained in Italy. So some of the best Italian food outside of Italy, is actually in Japan.Read More

Papillon Italian Restaurant 

Is near Odawara, and for good home cooked Italian food it hits the spot. Read More

Want to learn English in the Odawara area?


Enjoy Traditional Japanese Sweets at Sachiko’s House in Odawara

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