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odawara-castleOdawara is an interesting old castle town.   It is a very old city.

Shopping in the Odawara Area

In Minami Ashigara, other than the Welmi complex in front of Daiyuzan Station there are few stores. Although Daiso would be a good place to buy good quality, yet cheap souvenirs.

In Minami Ashigara, other than the Welmi complex in front of Daiyuzan Station, there isn`t much shopping to speak of here.

Next to Merry Lue’s Guest House in Tsukahara area of Minamiashigarashi there’s a Fuji Department store.

Shopping in Odawara

For serious shopping you need to go to Odawara.

Cycling in Odawara :
Travis`s recommended cycling course around Odawara from Tokyo Cycling Club
KT7 – Odawara; “147” loop!
Very quick course info:
Start at Odawara…
Head up Rte.74 & then Rte.78 to “Ashigara-toge” (736m).
From Ashigara, we head down along Rte.365, from which we can head straight onto the fabled Rte.147 – and up to “Mikuni-toge”.
From there, down to the lake (Yamanaka-ko), but instead of heading North-East on R413, we head South-West and onto Rte.138 and back down to Gotemba.

Read More about Cycling in Odawara

ManyonoYu is Odawara`s Best Hot Spring

ManyonoYu Hot Spring is just 5 minutes from Odawara Station. It is number 4 on our list of the best hot springs near Hakone. ManyonoYu is huge. It is a large building, and you can get a massage, eat a meal, or just enjoy the springs. It is very family friendly, and families often come together.     Manyonoyu Hot Spring in Odawara

Great Cherry Blossom Viewing in Odawara

If you love cherry blossoms viewing; what a great excuse for sitting under a tree and getting drunk!

Pictured: Odawara Castle Moat

However, I’m not keen on sharing this experience with a
thousand other drunk and noisy people(the annual carnage
in Ueno Park just turns me off). Best Cherry Blossom Viewing in Odawara

Odawara Restaurants

Check out our restaurant reviews of various eateries in Odawara.  Odawara, though a city of 200,000 people, has a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Odawara, is the site of Haruki Murakami`s novel!

ODAWARA, Kanagawa Prefecture–This coastal city southwest of Tokyo expects to ride a new wave of prosperity due to novelist Haruki Murakami’s latest work, which is set here.

Sanseido bookstore at the west exit of JR Odawara Station is promoting Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore” as “a local novel based in Odawara.” More than 100 copies are displayed in the store front.  Read More

Daiyuzan Train Line

The Daiyuzan train line was built so that Japanese could get to one of the most beautiful temples in Japan more easily – Kanto`s hidden secret: Doryosan Temple.    The Daiyuzan line of course links the cities of Minamiashigara and Odawara.  It is a very convenient line, with more trains per hour than the Odakyu Line or the Tokaido line. Daiyuzan Line Train Schedule

Odawara`s Weather Today:

Odawara Weather Report

Life in Odawara, why live here?

I think we’ve established that the Odawara area is no hot bed of excitement. It begs the question: Why are we here? I found Odawara by fluke.  I originally came to Japan to work as an English teacher at GEOS(blood sucking vampires!) and they asked new teachers where in Japan they would like to work. Being an avid outdoorsman, I chose Odawara.

Kevin`s English Schools near Sagami Numata Station

Odawara History Made Simple

The Odawara area has been occupied since prehistoric times.
During the Jomon period it was quite populated.  In the Nara period, the Odawara area was included as part of the Ashigarashimo District of Sagami Prefecture.  During the Heian period, Odawara was controlled for the most part by the Hatano clan.  Odawara History

APA Hotels say that the Nanking Massacre never Happened

The owner of this large chain of hotels has actually put a book in each room which denies that the Nanking massacre occurred.  Much like people who deny the evidence against the holocaust.  Read More

Want to rent a Kimono?

There is a good kimono rental shop in Odawara.

How to get to Odawara from Tokyo-Directions

To get to Odawara From Tokyo: you can take the Odakyu line from Shinjuku, be sure to get on a train with red kanji on the side, (usually to the left of the door) as this is the express. Be sure to get on one of the first four train cars as the train often splits at Sagami Ono and the back part heads off to Fujisawa. It will take approximately 90 minutes.  Tokyo to Odawara

Light Shows near Hakone

If you like flowers and trees, and lights, read on!

The Matsuda Herb Garden has a light show every year from around Christmas time until March 11 th, the day of the infamous Tohoku earthquake.

It’s a fantastic light show. The garden itself is very beautiful, and at night it leads to a certain mystique. Read More

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