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Mount Fuji

To see Mount Fuji from Kevins Guest House, you can go straight up the main street, past Daiyuzan Station, go through the tunnel, and keep walking into Kaisei Town. Go past the Starbucks and Dennys restaurant and look back, you will see Mount Fuji if she wants you to see her.  She is very shy, except in the winter time, when she is feeling proud of herself.  She likes to show herself when she is dressed in white.  She does not like to show off in the summertime.  See Mount Fuji




Want to see Mount Fuji while hiking around Hakone? Try this hiking course!


On Hiking Mount Fuji

Even though most reports claim a severely mundane experience, Fuji-San is still the most trekked mountain in the world. She is not for those who do not seek wonder and adventure in everyday life. After crossing her timberline there is nothing but a moonscape of barren land and an ostensibly weeping crust of sand and rock. Read More about hiking Mount Fuji.


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