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What to See and Do in Minamiashigarashi?


Only Yu Hot Spring

Only Yu Hot Spring  is one of the best hot springs around and it is only 5 minutes by car from Daiyuzan Station (Daiyuzan Line Train).  You can drive there, or get Only Yu`s free courtesy van, a bus or a taxi to the hot spring.

Only Yu is nestled in the forest, so the setting is beautiful.   It is very popular.

Cost:  1750/Person  Read More


Daiyuzan Forest, Minamiashigarashi, Kanagawa

It is true that the growing fame of Daiyuzan Forest and Daiyuzan Trail, the path through this old growth forest (a rarity in Japan), is gaining world wide fame for the spiritual feeling the place bestows on those fortunate enough to walk through this natural wonder.    Forest bathers and hikers love the area, they love hiking up to Doryosan Temple, one of Japan`s best temples, as stated by many tourists to the area.


There are some good restaurants around.  From Nepalese and Indian to Japanese dishes, Minamiashigara has a small selection of restaurants downtown (all around Daiyuzan Station area).  Read More



map1    Map of the area around Kevin`s Guest House including some of the local restaurants, and stores.


Daiyuzan Train Line

The Daiyuzan train line was built so that Japanese could get to one of the most beautiful temples in Japan more easily – Kanto`s hidden secret: Doryosan Temple.    The Daiyuzan line of course links the cities of Minamiashigara and Odawara.  It is a very convenient line, with more trains per hour than the Odakyu Line or the Tokaido line. Daiyuzan Line Train Schedule

Tobi Tengu Zip Line is in Minamiashigarashi and it is a lot of fun!  Tobi Tengu is  in a beautiful spot, near only you hot spring and in the beautiful Maruta Forest (Maruta no Mori – in Japanese).   See the video  below! Maruta Forest is famous for great hiking and camping.

Where are some Places to eat and drink Near Merry Lue`s Guest House?

Tamura Shokudo Restaurant is right next to Merry Lue`s Guest House and it is very good!  We have eaten here for many years.  I recommend the Hirekatsu Teishoku (deep fried pork cutlets with miso soup and rice), their ginger pork dishes are also great, as is their ramen.  Tamura Shokudo Restaurant

Where are some places to eat and Drink near Merry Lue’s Guest House around Tsukahara and Iiwahara Stations (Daiyuzan Line).
Around Tsukahara Station there are a few restaurants where you can eat and/or have a beer or cocktail. Right across from Tsukahara Station on the narrow road that parallels the Daiyuzan line, there is a good Yakitori Restaurant that serves beer and some cocktails too.  Read More

Where are some Places to eat and Drink near Kevin`s Guest House?

Around Daiyuzan Station there are some casual restaurants for Tonkatsu, sushi or Indian food.  There are places to go drinking too.

Hamazushi is a famous Japanese chain of reasonably priced sushi restaurants.  The sushi here is fresh, good and cheap!

Other Restaurants in Minamiashigarashi

What are some other good restaurants to dine at?

What are the top restaurants to eat at in Minamiashigara?  Here are some!

What are the must see places in Minamiashigarashi?

Kyoko and Eriko think they know! Check out where they went, what they did and what they recommend to do here.

Parcabout, have you heard of it?

Come and discover this attractive park!

Have you heard of “Parcabout”? It is a fun and unique attraction in the world, and it just arrived in Japan in July 2017. Parcabout was originally from Groixisland in France and was set up in 2007. This beautiful small island was developed by fishing industry. However, they had a serious depopulation problem as young people wanted to move to big cities. To prevent from the problem, they produced this Parcabout using fishing nets and solved the problem successfully. For now, only three countries (France, UK, and Japan) have Parcabout and the only one in Japan is in Minamiashigara!  Parcabout


The Daiyuzan Trail

Kevin’s English Schools, the Canadian Schools in Japan!

Kevin`s English Schools, the Canadian schools in Minamiashigarashi!

A Kari River Walk

The Kari River is near Kevin’s Guest House in Iizawa, near Daiyuzan Station and Merry Lue’s Guest House in Tsukahara, near Iwahara Station. A walk along the Kari River is pleasant and you can see sakura (cherry blossoms) in the springtime!

Photo: Taken from the bridge near Merry Lue’s Guest House

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