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Kaisei Town is known as the garden town.  I like Kaisei Town as it is quite progressive compared with other towns and cities in Japan.   They were one of the first towns to make it a matter of importance to have greenery whenever they build a new shopping center or apartment complex.

Since then, even cities as large as Tokyo have taken note and realized that green space is very important.

Kaisei Town Events

Every June, Kaisei Town`s Hydrangea Festival

Every June, Kaisei has a hydrangea festival.  You can access it by bus from Kaisei Station (Odakyu train line).  You can take the Odakyu Line from Odawara.   You can also access the Odakyu Line via bus from Daiyuzan Station to Shin Matsuda Station.  Then take the Odakyu Line train to the next station, Kaisei Station.  Make sure to take a local train, as the express trains do not stop at Kaisei Station.


An Interview with the Mayor of Kaisei Town

Kaisei`s Progressive Mayor Responds to Questions about Kaisei Town
Kaisei is famous for its chrysanthemum festival every June, and for being one of the most beautiful small, green towns in Japan.

Kaisei`s Progressive Mayor Responds to Questions about Kaisei Town:

“Kaisei Town is one of Japan`s great ones. When a new shopping mall or an apartment building is built, it comes with a garden. Unfortunately this is all too rare in Japan, but hopefully is a growing trend. (Pun not intended!) Kaisei Town truly is a garden city. ” Dialogue with the Mayor of Kaisei Town



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