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Atami is an interesting time machine of Japan.   If you want to know what the Japan of the 1960s and 70s looked like, this is the town to go to! Atami, back to the future!



Izu`s Jogasaki and Shirahama Coasts
Izu`s Jogasaki Coast is highly recommended!  The views are stunning!  To me, Jogasaki is the highlight of Izu, with waves crashing upon the rocky shoreline, and seagulls diving down for a tasty meal. Jogasaki and Shirahama Coasts are a must see in Izu!


“SHIMODA, a little closer to home, the white sands of Shimoda on the Izu Peninsula can be reached in just 2.5 hours from Tokyo.  The charming little town is surrounded by forested mountains, and its jagged coastline is dotted with so many beaches that you`ll most likely need to return more than once to see them all. From Izukyu-Shimoda Station, the main and most popular beach, Shirahama, lies to the left. Head in the opposite direction and you’ll be mingling with the surfers on Tadaohama Beach, and the most laid back locals on Kisami Ohama Beach.  Best way to get around? Catch local buses or rent a bicycle–nothing is really too far away.”  

–Annemarie Luck, Tokyo Weekender


The Middle and West of Izu

The middle and west of Izu are quite different from the eastern side.  For such a small place, it is amazing that the land can look so diverse.
The middle, mountainous area of Izu and the less populated west coast, are more laid back, slower paced and less touristy.  Read More



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