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Lake Ashi where Some have seen UFOs

Like the rest of Hakone, Lake Ashi is a beautiful area full of nature but some have reported seeing UFO activity as well. A reader of I am Hakone from Korea contacted me to tell me that he saw strange lights flying over Lake Ashi at about two in the morning one night while he was staying there.

I was walking with my friend 30 years ago and we saw a very strange thing flying over the trees it was my first and only UFO experience. I’ve written about it elsewhere at I am Hakone.

I wonder if the volcanic activity can help to explain some of the strange phenomena you can find in Hakone?

The forest along where Atsuko and I saw a UFO.
We were walking here when we first saw it.
The UFO or UAP was an orange balloon like vehicle that cruised along the trees smoothly, then stopped, went into the trees and shone out a bright orange light then abruptly disappeared. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Still is!

Goose boats, Atsuko and Little Green Men in Hakone

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