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Beautiful Minamiashigara

While Hakone is famous and deservedly so, many places in Japan are underrated. Minamiashigara is one of those places. Even Tokyo people don’t know Minamiashigara. They think of Ashigaragun- which is the area, but doesn’t really mean Minamiashigara.

There are many places to see in Minamiashigara, most of which are written about at I am Hakone. Here are a few more.

Ashigaratoge or Ashigara Pass (in English) is a beautiful area for a drive or long walk.

One of the farms along Ashigaratoge.
Another view of Ashigaratoge

Minamiashigara Sports Park is a great place to take the kids for a few hours of fun. Take a ball or enjoy the very fun playground they have there. It is also a favorite of flower lovers. You need a car or taxi though you can probably take a bus here too.

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