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Harukimichi Walk

Harukimichi (or Haruki street) is the path along the Kari River.

From Kevin’s Guesthouse you can access it at the nearest bridge. -the road that goes along the river. Walk along the river until you get to Iidaoka Station, from there walk up the hill to the Odawara Herb Garden. Along the way you can see great views of Mount Fuji between Wadagahara and Tsukahara Stations (Daiyuzan Line).



From Merry Lue’s Guesthouse, walk out to the river-from Merry Lue’s parking lot turn left and go up the small road, you will see the river about 60 metres away. The road along the river is Harukimichi.

Flower Route

Head right along the river. At Iidaoka Station walk up the hill to Odawara Herb Garden. You will see some beautiful flowers.

Also see the historic sites of Kunokofungun.

You can finish this hike at Gohyakurakan Station.

Mount Fuji Route

Head left along the river and keep going to see some fantastic views of Mount Fuji. It is best to see Mount Fuji in winter. Fuji is shy in summer.

Along this route you can also see cherry blossoms in March and many flowers.


Japan`s Craft Beer Movement Takes Off

Eyes that Travel, See

Forest Bathing in Minamiashigarashi

One of the best places in Japan for forest bathing is Minamiashigara-Shi in Kanagawa. There are many great areas, along with well maintained hiking trails. Here are some more areas around Tokyo.

A Bike Ride along the Kari River

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