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In Japan, the authorities here require us to gather all kinds of information. So that’s changed. But Airbnb needs to catch up with the Japanese situation.

They need to make their app for Japan, Japan specific, because it is too clunky now. In Japan we need guest’s passport photos, their complete addresses and even their jobs.

If we could do all of this within the app when the guest books, it would be great. But we have to do it all manually.  We must email the guests to ask for it. Many are unwilling. That means: multiple emails back and forth. It’s a pain.

Airbnb emphasizes that we must be legal guest houses and abide by the laws of the city. Most do. However, could Airbnb do more to help hosts?

With all that talent that Airbnb has throughout the world, they should be able to make a version of the app that is Japan specific.

Then guests would need to comply with the local rules before they book. Hosts, and the local authorities would be happy. Also, Airbnb would be known as a good neighbor.

Airbnb-How to be a Successful Host

There is much talk at Airbnb about volunteering and getting involved with causes. That’s a noble endeavor. But the reason you can bring that up Airbnb, is because of us- your hosts! So you need to keep us happy. It could be a win-win, if you make it easier for hosts to host, then hosts could perhaps think about volunteering more, rather than hounding guests for information they are reluctant to give up.

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