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Legal Guest Houses require Information just like Hotels

Legal guest houses must operate like hotels now. If you refuse to give information you cause problems, and the police could even be alerted. The J Police are on high alert due to terrorism with the Olympics coming up.
About Giving Us the Required Information

All legal guest houses in Japan-

Require Everyone’s:
Passport photo page
Full street address
{IT’s the Law}
I will not be able to host you unless you give me ALL of this information. Since I must follow the law as a legal guest house. I cannot force you to give me the information. But YOU will need to cancel if you do not want to. But if you will stay in any legal accommodation in Japan, you will need to provide these details for any host, not just for me.
Ministry of Health & Welfare:
More Information:
*Your information is safe! It will not be sold or used in any other way.

Why it is important for Airbnb hosts to leave honest Reviews of guests.

Picture of Hakone by John Perkins

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