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How to get to Mount Fuji

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You can see Mount Fuji from our area. If you walk 10-20 minutes east of Merry Lue`s Guest House you can get some great views of Fuji. You can actually see (a little of Fuji) from one of our windows. You can see some of the photos I have taken at my guest house site.

But if you want to get closer, you will need to take a train to Mishima or Gotemba -The closest stations with buses to a 5th Station are Mishima and Gotemba (during the official climbing season only):

The train line to Gotemba is called the Gotemba line and you get that from Kozu Station in Odawara. I think the Tokaido line will take you from Odawara to Mishima. I have never climbed Mount Fuji as it is full of trash. It looks prettier from far away in my opinion. My brother climbed it and that`s what he said. It can be dangerous due to the wind and changing weather.

Buses towards Mount Fuji

Some buses leave from ShinMatsuda Station (Odakyu Line) and go to Mount Fuji. You can tell which bus goes from the sign on the front indicating direction.

mt fuji japan

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