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Cafe Ryo

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Cafe Ryo is near Odawara Station and Maiyonoyu Hot Spring Hotel.  It is along a shopping street that leads to one of Odawara`s must see attractions, Odawara Castle.

I have gone to Ryo for the live music.  They often have jazz performances there. So it is a great place for live music and dinner!  My good friend, Chris Weber, used to perform at Ryo.

The food is good, the atmosphere is old time Japan, sometimes they have great music! What more could you want!


Trevor said at TripAdvisor:

My wife and I chose Ryo as the first sushi stop on our Japan trip. We eat Sushi in Canada but aren’t what you would call “fish people”. We are pretty tame by sushi standards. That said, we both absolutely loved our meal at Ryo. 
We ordered a 7 piece assorted sushi plate first, as well as a deep fried shrimp appetizer. The sushi was beautiful but somewhat intimidating to my sushi-noob eyes (I’d never had roe before and one of the pieces was bursting with large eggs). Everything was delicious though!! We ordered the 7 piece plate again so that we could each try the pieces that the other had. We also ordered deep fried octopus which was equally good. 
The two sushi plates, two appetizers, and a bottle of sake came to 6800¥ about ($85CAD). 
Our initial server spoke fluent English but sadly left after our first order. The subsequent servers were friendly and tried their best with 2 non-Japanese speakers. A table of Japanese business men beside us was extremely friendly, translating our questions and even sharing morsels of their meal!
The only hiccup came when paying. Much was lost with the language barrier but we may have been undercharged or overcharged (truly not sure which). If we were undercharged, they were gracious and didn’t make us pay for the mistake. If we were overcharged, it was due to our own inadequate grasp of the language (and the Visa terminal). 





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