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Back to the Future: Atami

Atami, Shizuoka

Atami is located near the top (northern part) of the Izu Peninsula, close to Odawara.  It is an old hot springs town that has seen better days.  But that is part of Atami`s charm.  I like it because it gives you a glimpse of 1960s-70s Japan.  Atami was glitzy then.  So it is like going back in a time machine.  I love that!  But you may not.  I live in Japan. But perhaps you don’t, so I`m not sure it will be as interesting for you.

Though Atami may not be for everyone, I find it fun to walk her sloped streets perched on the side of a hill, like a somewhat shabby version of a Japanese Montecarlo.  Yet some of the buildings are due for their 20 year paint job.

Atami has many inns with hot springs that overlook the ocean.  I`ve been many times, and enjoy it.  But will you?japan-1181608_640

Pictured: Vats of Sake


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