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Odawara the Site of Haruki Murakami`s Novel!

Odawara is the site of Haruki Murakami`s Latest Novel!


ODAWARA, Kanagawa Prefecture–This coastal city southwest of Tokyo expects to ride a new wave of prosperity due to novelist Haruki Murakami’s latest work, which is set here.

Sanseido bookstore at the west exit of JR Odawara Station is promoting Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore” as “a local novel based in Odawara.” More than 100 copies are displayed in the store front.



The bookstore sold 50 or so copies Feb. 24 when the two-volume novel was put on sale by its publisher, Shinchosha Publishing Co. The book also ranked as its top-seller early this month.

“In Odawara, history and literature have piled up like geological layers. I want Harukists (fans of Murakami’s novels) to walk around this city,” said Yoshihito Hirai, 54, manager of another bookstore, Hirai Shoten, which sells many books relating to the history and literature of Odawara.

In “Killing Commendatore,” the protagonist, “I,” is a portrait painter who lives in the house of Tomohiko Amada, who switched styles from Western-style painting to Japanese-style painting.  Read More


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